• Hydrogel screen protector machine plan
  • Hydrogel screen protector machine plan
  • Hydrogel screen protector machine plan
  • Hydrogel screen protector machine plan

Hydrogel screen protector machine plan

Based on our years of experience, we have selected a series of products for you to quickly start, the hydrogel screen protector machine plan includes a hydrogel screen protector machine and various of screen protector and back films. To meet the needs of regular customers.

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Hydrogel screen protector machine plan Introduction

Hydrogel screen protector machine set

This package contains the basic products required for the screen protector business, including screen protector making machine, hydrogel screen protector sheets and various of back films. Whether starting a new business or expanding your business scope, this package make it easier.

Screen protector making machine set

Smart screen protector making machine

The smart screen protector making machine is the essential part of the whole set, through which you can make screen protectors for thousands of models. There are MTB-CUT 180T, MTB-CUT 180A, MTB-CUT M188 and MTB-CUT 180AL 4 models of intelligent film cutting machines for you to choose from.

Screen protector making machine

Various of hydrogel screen protector sheets

We provide you with up to 10 differenthydrogel screen protector sheets, like HD clear, matte, anti blue-ray, privacy etc. Either one has an attractive price. New products are constantly being added to the series. Pleases refer to the following link for more details about these hydrogel screen protector sheets.


Hydrogel screen protector sheets

Back films

Back films with different patterns and styles allow you to seize business opportunities in young people and fashion markets. There are more than 1,000 choices, which can meet the needs of almost any customer.

To learn about these backing film patterns, please visit:https://www.mietubl.com/Pattern/

Back film for phone
Hydrogel screen protector machine plan Specification
MOQ1 set
OriginalGuangzhou China
Leading time7 - 15 days
IncludingScreen protector machine + screen protector + back films
Warranty1 year after service
I would like to know the correct parameters for a good cut2022-08-06 16:12:21

The right cutting parameters mainly depend on the materials you use. For regular materials, it is recommended to use the following parameters

MaterialBack filmFour layer soft filmExplosion-proof material
Blade holder scale4~54~67~8

What voltage does the machine work on and can I use 110V?2022-06-29 15:46:45

The cellphone film making machine works in the environment of 100~240V, and he voltage of 110V can be supported. But please note that you need to work with the original power adapter.

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